Tulip Bulbs in Bulk

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Tulip bulbs are the term for the bulb part below ground, with tunic; the protective layer around it and corm; its fleshy storage organ. This storage organ is what provides energy through dormancy in the winter months and enables the tulip to grow and flower in the springtime. 

Plant bulbs in late September into late November.

Bulbs should be placed into the hole pointed end up with the flat rooting side facing down. Cover the holes with soil and give the bulbs a thorough soaking of water. Standing water can rot the bulbs so be sure to choose planting areas that drain well.

Apply Bloodmeal to help keep critters away from digging up the bulbs. We suggest adding Acti-Sol fertilizer to amend the soil with compost at the time of planting which will give those bulbs an extra boost of nutrients come Spring. 

Landscape Tulips may varient in type 


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